Pilot project to assess perennial vegetables

The aim of the project  is twofold

  • to assess perennial vegetables from the professional grower’s perspective
  • to raise awareness of perennial vegetables and thereby create demand and encourage use of perennial vegetables among consumers, food crafters and cooks.

Our methods

Field trials and grower evaluations of perennial vegetables

Knowledge exchange between the growers, field tours for growers and farm advisors, workshops for cooks to introduce perennial vegetables

Funded for 2.5 years by Swedish Board of Agriculture and Vidarstiftelsen as a pilot and collaborative project

Our assessment criteria

•Taste •Demand • •Productivity •Harvest period •Storage •Hardiness •Resistance to disease and pests •Ability to 0utcompete weeds •Risk of becoming a weed

We discuss each variety and assign subjective, qualitative grade ranging from 1 to 5.